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Are you a memory concerned woman who struggles to stay focused, always feels forgetful and encounters daily self-doubt? Would you like to know exactly how to support your memory? Let's take action on your memory health, together.

With a decade of experience in memory therapy, Francine provides compassionate yet effective guidance on how to support your memory so you can stay sharp and focused without second guessing yourself or your future.

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The Get Your Memory Back Starter Guide

Download The Get Your Memory Back Starter Guide

You'll get instant access to the 4-step formula to guide you from forgetful to focused so you can be present in your life without second guessing yourself, even if you've struggled with it for years!


Hi, I'm Francine Waskavitz, memory health coach for women

If you're frustrated with your memory, if you're feeling unfocused and forgetful, if you fear your family history or you're worried about clear thinking as you age, then know that change is possible for you.

I know what it's like when your whole family is depending on you. You deserve to able to show up and be present for yourself and your family without forgetfulness and self-doubt interrupting you.

I'm here to help you get your memory back and keep it strong for a lifetime so you can thrive in the life you've worked so hard to create without constantly second guessing yourself.

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Francine Waskavitz, Memory Health Coach

"Don't hesitate to call Francine! Her insight helped me grasp a new way of eating with enthusiasm (and weightloss). But more importantly I realized I wasn't doomed to my family history of memory loss. I had seen little hints of that but now I see how small steps are making a noticeable change and it's all very exciting!"

- Patricia Commons, 72

"I stopped forgetting things. I started remembering important conversations and details that I would have normally had no recollection of. I feel healthier physically and mentally. I feel happier and less stressed."

- Allison K. Dagney, 42

"As an SLP, Francine is my go-to source for any and all things memory and health related. Her knowledge and expertise is unmatched. She is professional, personable and devoted."

- Katie Conner, M.S., CCC-SLP 

"I was hesitant to reach out for help at first and I am 3 weeks in now and this program has been brilliant for me. I have already noticed a huge improvement in my memory which has helped my stress and anxiety more than you know. My family has told me over and over that they have seen such a change since I started working with you. I'm so excited for the next session and can't thank you enough for helping me get here." 

- R.M., 46

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If you're frustrated with your memory, even if it seems inconsequential, now is the time to create a plan to overcome the struggle.

In this (free) consultation, let's chat about:

  • Your unique risks, concerns and goals.
  • The roadblocks that are holding you back from clear thinking.
  • A clear path to support your memory, strengthen it and keep it healthy for a lifetime.
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