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From Traditional Healthcare to Women's Brain Health Coach and Advocate 

It's nice to meet you.

Hi! I'm Francine, I’m a speech-language pathologist turned memory health coach with a passion for helping women finally overcome their memory problems.

Unlike the traditional medical model that does little, if anything, to address your memory concerns or therapists who don’t fully understand how your memory and lifestyle work together… 

I listen to you and your story, and I'll show you how to build effective strategies to boost your recall, fuel clearer thinking, and create lasting change so you can show up confidently and be fully present, without wondering if you'll remember this later. 

Because the truth is that once your memory starts to slip, everything in your life becomes harder. It impacts your health, relationships, work, and finances. It can strip you of your peace of mind, confidence, and happiness. 

And so often, the people around you just don't get it. Which is why you need support who does, so I'm glad you're here!

Francine Waskavitz, online brain health coach for women with focus and memory problems
Francine Waskavitz, online brain health coach for women with focus and memory problems

Becoming a Brain Health Coach 

Working in traditional healthcare as a therapist, primarily working with executive functioning and memory problems, opened my eyes to something bigger…

Women with midlife memory problems have nowhere to turn for real solutions.

Society places the weight of the world to “do it all” on your shoulders.

And when you struggle with focus and recall…

Doctors are quick to brush off concerns as aging.

Friends unintentionally try to normalize your concerns to make you feel better.

And family insists that you just need a better planner.

But none of this helps you feel more focused and less forgetful. Instead, it can cause you to internalize your memory problems for years rather than find solutions.

I’m on a mission to change that. Leveraging my support as a brain health coach with my expertise in memory, I'm here to help you overcome your memory problems once and for all, because you deserve to think clearly and show up confidently every day, without self-doubt weighing you down.

My methodology is simple...

You're struggling with your memory, and you need a solution.

Maybe you've been silently questioning your focus and recall for the last 5 years... and you didn't know anyone who could help you.

Or you've just recently started to notice those panicky thoughts firing when you can't think of what you're trying to remember or say.

Perhaps you've already tried all the organization tricks and reminder apps, planners and notebooks you can find. 

And yet, nothing seems to be all that helpful, at least not consistently.

I see you my friend and the solution isn't hiding in that new planner!

The truth is how you live, eat, sleep and manage stress all matters. 

To overcome your memory problems, you need memory and focus strategies that fit effortlessly into your day, a lifestyle to support clear thinking and better habits to help it all stick so you can feel confident again once and for all. 

Which is why I created The Memory Confidence Method™ 🎉 to show you exactly how to do just that. And you won't be alone, I'll be with you every step of the way!



How I Help My Clients
Francine Waskavitz, online brain health coach for women with focus and memory problems

"I really wish I would have started sooner. I just had no idea that I could do something about the problems I was having. Working with Francine made a big difference and I'm grateful I found her when I did."

- J.M., 48

"I thought I was destined to memory loss since it "runs in the family". Listening to you gave me hope that the little moments of "fog" could be addressed before they progressed. Following a big change to my nutrition, activity, and self awareness, I  have seen an improvement in so many areas. Thank you."

- Patricia Commons, 72
Francine Waskavitz, online brain health coach for women with focus and memory problems

Let's get to know each other.

I'm all about...

  • Working smarter, not harder.
  • Being fully present in my life and my work. 
  • Creating a welcome and loving community for women to talk openly about their focus and memory problems.

I'm on a mission to dismantle the myth that you're doomed to deal with your memory problems and to empower you to restore your focus, clear-thinking and peace of mind as quickly as possible. 

Most people would say I'm driven and down-to-earth. You can usually find me running, reading or spending time with my husband and our girls. I believe in getting to know yourself deeply, finding joy in the little moments and speaking up against social norms that keep you stuck.

Let's work together

Be honest, how many of these sound like you?

  • You're feeling unfocused and forgetful, scatterbrained. You constantly start and stop tasks and feel unaccomplished and frustrated at the end of the day.
  • For the last 3-6 months, maybe even a year, you've experienced a lot of self-doubt and stress over your recall. You feel trapped in a fog and details feel fuzzy or elusive.
  • Your memory lapses are interrupting your thoughts, what you want to say and your peace of mind.
  • You struggle with ADHD (clinically or self-diagnosed) and chronic forgetfulness.
  • You've been questioning your memory so much that you've honestly been wondering, "Are these early signs of dementia?"
  • You're overwhelmed by the endless demands on your daily energy. It's hard to keep everything straight when there are so many things to remember.
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If you answered 1, or more...

Then let's chat.  

You've spent enough time in your head wondering and worrying, let's channel that energy to targeting and tackling the problem one step at a time. 🎉

 Here's what you need to know...

If nothing changes, nothing will change. And I say that with love!

Schedule your free consultation and let's discuss what's really going on with your memory, and how I can help. 

Francine Waskavitz, Online Brain Health Coach
I'm ready. Let's chat!

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