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I'm Francine Waskavitz, the memory health coach for women.

I'm here to help you get your memory back, strengthen it and keep it strong so you can thrive in the life you've worked so hard to create without constantly second guessing yourself.

The truth is that once your memory starts to slip, everything in your life becomes harder. It impacts your health, relationships, work and finances. It can strip you of your peace of mind, confidence, and happiness.

I've seen it happen more times than I can count over the past ten years, until finally, I stepped in to do something about it.



Francine Waskavitz, The Memory Health Coach
Francine Waskavitz, The Memory Health Coach

Becoming a memory health coach

It started in rehab... I was a therapist there! As a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) I worked with adults targeting everything from language to voice to swallowing to cognition.

Over the years, cognitive therapy became my thing. Honestly, I didn't really have a choice because everyone had memory problems! 

But while memory problems are common, they're not normal, nor are they inevitable with age. 

And unfortunately, the traditional medical model does little to educate you on how to care for your memory and even less to rescue your memory once it becomes a problem. 

So, after years of watching the system fail you, I knew I had to do something. I got serious about brain health and devoured everything I could on the topic, ultimately enrolling myself back into school to become an Integrative Health and Nutrition coach.

Leveraging my expertise in memory with my passion for brain health has allowed me to help women just like you overcome and prevent memory loss with the Memory Confidence Method™ Program.

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The tough truth

Memory loss in your 40s, 50s, or 60+ is common but common is not synonymous with normal.

And when your memory repeatedly malfunctions, the costs can be high at home, in relationships and at work.

I know it's not easy admitting that something you used to do so naturally is starting to feel harder. You likely didn't think you'd be here, at least not yet.

And now you're faced with a choice to acknowledge and address your memory changes, no matter how scary, or slide by and see what happens.

Here's the thing... Navigating memory changes gets harder the longer you wait.

Not to mention, it's exhausting carrying around that feeling that you're forgetting something all the time or that the people around you might start to notice that something is amiss.

Choosing to acknowledge and address your concerns is like lifting a weight off of your shoulders. 

  • You're supported.
  • You're creating a clear path to feel like yourself again
  • You're overcoming fear by choosing action.

And you won't be alone, I'll be with you every step of the way.

Francine Waskavitz, The Memory Health Coach

Download The Get Your Memory Back Starter Guide

You'll get instant access to the 4-step formula to guide you from forgetful to focused so you can be present in your life without second guessing yourself, even if you've struggled with it for years!

Get Your Memory Back Starter Guide

"I really wish I would have started sooner. I just had no idea that I could do something about the problems I was having. Working with Francine made a big difference and I'm grateful I found her when I did."

- J.M., 48

"I thought I was destined to memory loss since it "runs in the family". Listening to you gave me hope that the little moments of "fog" could be addressed before they progressed. Following a big change to my nutrition, activity, and self awareness, I  have seen an improvement in so many areas. Thank you."

- Patricia Commons, 72

I'm the coach for you if...

Memory health coaching client
  • You're feeling unfocused and forgetful, scatterbrained. You constantly start and stop tasks and feel unaccomplished and frustrated at the end of the day.
  • For the last 3-6 months, maybe even a year, you've experienced a lot of self-doubt and stress over your recall. You feel trapped in a fog and details feel fuzzy or elusive
  • You're overwhelmed by the endless demands on your daily energy. It's hard to keep everything straight when there are so many things to remember.
  • Your memory lapses are interrupting your thoughts, what you want to say and your peace of mind.
  • You've been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and you want to do everything in your power to help your memory and slow or stop the progression.

You acknowledge that these changes are interfering with your life.

You are ready and willing to make a change.

Learn how I can help

Here's what you need to know...

If nothing changes, nothing will change.

One year from now, you will certainly arrive. The question is where... that is your decision to make right now.

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  • The roadblocks that are holding you back from clear thinking.
  • A clear path to support your memory, strengthen it and keep it healthy for a lifetime.
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Francine Waskavitz, The Memory Health Coach

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