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The Feather or the Brick? And How It Relates to Memory Loss

memory loss Oct 04, 2022
feather or brick example for memory loss

I want to tell you a story about the feather, the brick, and the truck.

Have you heard of this one before?

This single concept will allow you to listen to your intuition, because nobody is more of an expert on you than you are.

And sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to reconnect with your gut feelings.

The Feather

The first time a problem occurs in your life, it will feel like a feather.

It comes down, brushes your face, and leaves you wondering, ‘oh, what was that?’ You notice it, but you may ignore it. After all, it was subtle, fleeting. In fact, it was hard to notice in the first place. Until it happens again.

Then you stop and ask yourself, ‘why is this happening?’ But you let it slide, maybe a few times, because it wasn’t that serious.

For memory loss, your feather can look and feel like:

  • Misplacing things more often.
  • Minor but noticeable lapses in your recall.
  • Feeling unfocused or forgetful.
  • Knowing what you want to say but noticing words getting ‘stuck.’
  • Forgetting things that were previously effortless to remember.

Subtle, minor, easy to ignore.

But over time, life has a way of turning up the volume on your inner concerns to help you notice them.

The Brick

If you don’t pay attention to the feather, over time, life will throw you a brick. And that brick can hit hard.

This time the problem will demand more attention. It will turn up the volume to be louder and clearer and much more difficult to ignore.

For memory loss, your brick can look and feel like:

  • Self-doubt creeping into interactions, causing you to second guess yourself more often than you’d like.
  • Evidence of memory lapses impacting work, relationships, conversations, productivity, and peace of mind.
  • The people closest to you beginning to sense that something is amiss.
  • Fear of what will happen 1, 2, or even 5 years down the road.

At this point, you may have scheduled a doctor’s appointment to discuss your concerns (or at least you’ve been thinking about it.)

It's starting to become clear that inaction could have serious implications.

Ignore bricks at your own risk but I think you know what’s coming next…

The Truck

Over time, if you don’t listen to what your body is trying to tell you, it will hit you like a truck. It will interrupt your life and bulldoze your plans. It will be the wakeup call you never asked for.

And you’ll have no choice but to deal with it head on.

For memory loss, your truck can look and feel like:

  • Family intervening due to evident signs of memory loss.
  • More confusion in familiar places or situations.
  • Isolating yourself to avoid situations that reveal your memory loss.
  • A diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or dementia.
  • Loss of job or housing due to cognitive changes.

Don’t wait for the truck to arrive.

Where are you with your memory challenges right now?

Are you the feather, the brick, or the truck? Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle.

If you take anything away from this story today, let it be that you listen to your intuition and the signals life is sending your way. Don’t wait for the truck. Your gut knows what you need, every time, if you’re willing to listen.

And just as this story shows us how everything compounds in time, how problems get bigger and louder and harder to ignore… I’m here to tell you that so do solutions.

I’d love to help you uncover the path to clear thinking so you can turn down volume on the memory concerns that have been weighing on your mind. There is so much power in listening to what your mind and body is trying to tell you and then taking action to resolve it.

If you’re ready to feel back in control of your memory health, use this link to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call to get started. Together, we’ll get clear on your unique risks and concerns and what’s holding you back from clear thinking. I’ll also share with you how the Memory Confidence™ method can help you feel like yourself again.


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