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How Long Does Brain Fog Last? Plus the Hardest Part of Feeling Foggy

brain fog memory loss stress Dec 06, 2022
woman with brain fog staring out window

When you’re trapped in a cloudy haze, it’s natural to want to know how long brain fog will last. Especially when you’re feeling forgetful and fatigued.

It can feel like you’re moving in slow motion while the world races around you. All while you can’t concentrate or pick up the pace.

And it leaves you wondering:  How long does brain fog last?

How long does brain fog last?

The answer depends. While it can be frustrating to linger between clear thinking and cloudy consciousness, there isn’t any one answer for how long it will take to feel like yourself again.

Brain fog symptoms typically aren’t linear, meaning they tend to come and go. You may wake up one morning feeling more clear and less cloudy only to have it return later in the day.

This can go on for weeks or months. There are, however, some clues that can help you uncover more specific answers.

You can learn more about the duration of your bout of brain fog by identifying potential causes and patterns for what you’re experiencing.

In short: When and why did it start? And what symptoms are you experiencing?

Causes of Brain Fog

There are many possible causes of brain fog. Identifying any changes that occurred prior to the onset of brain fog may help you understand how to help climb out of it or uncover specific reasons to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to address your concerns.

Some common causes of brain fog include:

  • Hormonal changes, i.e., menopause
  • Impaired sleep
  • Chronic stress
  • Mental health conditions, i.e., depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc.
  • Medications
  • Emotional trauma
  • Poor nutrition or dehydration
  • COVID-19

There are many other reasons you could be experiencing brain fog. If you suspect brain fog, begin to track your symptoms over 1-2 weeks. Aim to identify any patterns in what you’re experiencing.

For example: Did the brain fog settle in 2 weeks after you started taking a new supplement or medication? Did you start a new diet? Were you experiencing signs/symptoms of a viral illness before the onset of cloudy thinking?

Act like a detective and you try to identify clues for why it started. For example, you started a low-carbohydrate diet and now you can’t concentrate. Or you’re aware that you have not been consuming enough water each day because you’ve become busy and stressed at work.

If brain fog persists, or you identify a medical-related cause such as medications or mental health concerns, contact your physician.

COVID-19 Brain Fog

Many people experience lingering cognitive problems long after other symptoms of COVID-19 have come and gone.

Even people with mild COVID-19 cases can develop long-term problems with concentration, clear thinking, and memory.

Researchers in this study report that the changes in your immune system and neurons that occur from the infection can result in increased inflammation and cause cells that are responsible for helping parts of your brain related to new learning and memory to be more reactive.

Meaning you’re bound to have more trouble keeping up with regular tasks and new ones.

How long does brain fog last from COVID-19?

Cloudy thinking from COVID-19 is common when you first come down with symptoms and it can last about a month.

If you’re experiencing brain fog 3-4 months later, you may be a COVID-19 long-hauler.

Much is still unknown about how long it will last. What we do know is that making changes to your lifestyle can help you break through the fog.

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Symptoms of Brain Fog

Here’s a list of common symptoms of brain fog. You may experience one or more of these symptoms and they can be persistent or fluctuate throughout the day. Additionally, signs and symptoms of brain fog can linger or arise off/on for weeks or months at a time.

When should you seek help for brain fog?

If you’re experiencing persistent brain fog and you’ve already tried non-medical interventions, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Click HERE to read How to Get Rid of Brain Fog and Feel Like Yourself Again (Finally!)

Additionally, if you’re concerned your brain fog occurred because of medications, be sure to speak with your doctor before making any changes.

Holistic Memory Health Coaching Can Help

If you’re a woman experiencing forgetfulness, poor focus, and signs of memory loss, I can help. As a holistic memory health coach, I specialize in helping women just like you overcome and prevent memory loss. If you’re ready to make a change and say goodbye to brain fog, click HERE to learn more about working with me 1-1. Or click HERE to schedule your free call to get started.

Final Words on How Long Brain Fog Lasts

The duration of brain fog will vary from person to person. Watching and waiting can be the most frustrating part of dealing with brain fog! Especially when all you want to know is how long it will last.

While there isn’t any one answer, becoming a detective on your symptoms and identifying potential causes can help you understand more about your brain fog.

And making positive changes to your health can help you overcome it faster and keep it away.


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